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We offer the best non-medical, all natural, herbal alternative medicines for a healthy body, mind and spirit.
Get the latest news and daily updates in nutreceutical, alternative medicine, and herbal supplement
technology for every ailment known to man.

At Herbal-Therapeutics, we believe everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy, fulfilled, and prosperous life.
Herbal medicines, combined with the modern science and knowledge of man have become the ultimate
weapon against common health issues, and even cosmetic imperfections.

The problem with most products today is that they are based not in nature, but on complex chemical
structures that are essentially foreign to the human body.  So, isn't it time to get back to the basics?  The
basic elements of good health and basis of all creation, those tiny molecules that make up plants, are also
some of the best remedies in waiting.  There is so much left to be discovered in the world of natural medicine
and herbal therapy, but why not take advantage of what we DO know now?  

New Natural Products and Articles for This November of
2011 :

Great information on a very effective
herbal remedy for ADD and ADHD in Adults and Children.  Treat this
increasingly common condition with an
herbal remedy for ADD instead of toxic drugs.

New information on hair loss remedies specifically designed for women who are fighting thinning hair or
losing their hair prematurely.  See
Hair Loss Remedies for Women for more info.

For men who are looking to enhance the size of their penis naturally as well as enhance their sexual
performance, see our new page on
herbal penis enlargement supplements.

Diabetes is an increasingly rampant problem here in the US. Much of this condition can be avoided, treated
and regulated through the use of diet and exercise. See what herbal remedies also may help control blood
sugar here at our
herbal diabetes remedy discussion.

Many people suffer from boil-like build up of bacteria under the skin. See our new page on
natural and herbal
remedies for boils to help treat these painful skin eruptions.

It's the end of the summer, and it's been a hot, humid one here in the midwest and in a lot of other places on
this green earth.  There are plenty of pure, herbal, natural solutions to problem skin that can be aggravated by
weather conditions. Or, if you just want to maintain your youthful glow as well as get rid of acne, see:
Herbal Supplement for Acne and Radiant Skin
Acne Remedy

Summer is the time for love, new love and re-igniting old flames of passion.  
Men, see
Herbal Viagra Alternative
Women, see Female Viagra Alternative

Thinning Hair and Hair Loss Are the Focus Still, since this is an ever growing
problem that impacts self esteem

See how you can help regrow your hair with natural remedies designed to help unclog follicles and nourish
the scalp to facilitate better growth, and thicker more resilient locks.

Herbal Hair Loss Remedies : How this plant based remedy with vitamins and minerals as an oral
supplement and a topical medically proven solution with Minoxidil has helped tons of men and women
regrow their thinning hair naturally, safely and effectively.

Female Hair Loss Remedies : Provillus for women is a multi-pronged solution to woman's hair loss, with
both supplementation as well as a topically applied product for hair loss that has been proven to help regrow
hair and get the follicles producing again, as well as to stop current hair thinning and loss in it's track, so your
scalp can "catch up" on regrowth.

Best Herbal Medicine Affiliate Programs - Have a website or blog and want to make extra money?  Read our
review of the best herbal affiliate programs today for the biggest bang for your marketing efforts.

Stop smoking aids - The new year is going to be here before you know it, and with these economically and
financially hard times, do you really want to keep wasting almost $5 a pack on your cigarette habit.  More
importantly, do you really want to risk premature aging, lung cancer, and lower blood oxygen levels for any
longer?  It's time to look into quitting the habit for good, with the help of a good naturally based patch that
helps you kick the habit easier with herbal soothers.

Suffering from depression or anxiety? Check out new
herbal remedies for anxiety, depression, mood
disorders, and general
mood enhancers so your outlook matches the improving weather.

Herbal Medicine News
Our new blog for Herbal-Therapeutics.com, updates every day on herbal news and what's new in alternative
medicine.  Latest news includes vitamin C breakthroughs, antioxidant updates and warnings on herbal fakes
and other dangerous "herbal" products.

Thyroid not working correctly? Many people may not even know they are having a problem with their thyroid
gland.  See this
Thyroid vitamin natural supplement that can help support healthy thyroid function.

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Nature cures the disease." - Voltaire

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