Acidophilus and IBS
IBS is an increasingly common digestive disorder that involves the last part of the digestive and elimination
process - bowel movements.  It can result in constant
constipation, constant diarrhea, of alternating bouts with
both (yeah, no fun!).  

Acidophilus, an organism that is found naturally in some yogurts, is a beneficial bacteria that helps your
digestive tract move along smoothly, no pun intended, and ensure proper, timely and comfortable elimination of
waste as the last step of food processing in your digestive tract.

IBS acidophilus treatment with potent probiotics like this is just part of the equation, although acidophilus is
one of the most important steps to effective digestive function
, and often unfortunately ignored, in the
treatment of irritable bowel syndrome since once we get the regular bowel movements through some sort of
natural laxative, we tend to forget the reason that the irregularity happened in the first place.

What is it exactly?  Well, if you like yogurt and you want to get it by eating yogurt instead of taking an
probiotic supplement, look for yogurts that say “active cultures”, that means it has this beneficial, colon-
protecting bacterium in it.  

It is a bacteria, of course, and it is what we call a
“healthy flora” which shares space in the intestines and
digestive tract with other gas causing, digestive unfriendly bacteria which hinder the digestion process and are
even thought by some in alternative medicine to be the cause behind health problems and disease.  

What’s one of the things that can throw your
probiotic balance off in your digestive tract and actually make IBS
worse, making
acidophilus all that more important an addition to your diet?  Well, believe it or not, it’s
antibiotics.  Antibiotics are one of the worst things for your healthy balance of flora in the intestine, colon and
stomach, and they can really make things difficult.  So supplementation of acidophilus is all that much more
important if you happen to be taking antibiotics.

There are even theories that when your probiotic balance is off in your digestive tract, it can fundamentally alter
your immune system, making you more susceptible to disease and illness.  I guess that takes the saying that
“death begins in the colon” to a whole new level, huh?  

Now, I can’t say whether that is true or not, but it’s interesting that there is even speculation out there about that,
and I think it makes it an even more compelling case for taking
potent acidophilus supplements, whether you
have IBS or not, but especially taking acidophilus if you do happen to have IBS.

Could there be side effects to acidophilus for IBS?  Well, at first, since there is an adjustment period, and sort of
an internal struggle going on, you may experience increased gas and bloating, but ultimately this should clear
up and you should be relieved from that in the future, with it improving from your previous “norm” noticeably.

There may be a slight discomfort accompanying it at first as well, as it works it’s way into your system and
begins to work it’s magic and restore the health of your intestines and ultimately your colon.  

Not only that, but acidophilus helps IBS because
it helps to tone and cleanse the digestive tract
make your bowel movements easier, more
complete and more frequent, so that you don’t
have the uncomfortable feeling of always have to
go to the bathroom, of being incompletely
emptied out when you have to go, and also of
that gassy, bloated feeling.  
Acidophilus can be
especially helpful for that part of IBS

Acidophilus lactobacillus (that’s quite a mouth
full), is the full name for the bacterium that is
found in dairy foods, particularly yogurt, and
several good supplements that give you the
same benefit in capsule form for regular, healthy
and comfortable bowels.  
It is also called a probiotic, which is just another word for a digestive friendly organism
is good for the gut, aiding in digestion and the elimination process, and helping you
to stay regular, comfortable, and ultimately, healthy. Those with IBS should definitely take
supplement which contains probiotics or acidophilus (one in the same), just look for
either one on the label.