Such Thing as a
Cellulite Cure?

The More Cost Effective Way for Treating and "Curing" Your Cellulite

In response to a high demand among women for a more effective, and more permanent cellulite cure, we
propose you
attack cellulite with the best anti-cellulite, deeply penetrating and highly effective cream on
the market today - Revitol Solution Anti Cellulite Formula.  

Tip: When using the product, massage vigorously, so as to deliver the deeply penetrating ingredients even
further, for a much more dramatic effect, and also to give yourself a little "self imposed" endermology.  What
is endermology?  It's a method almost like a deep tissue massage which deeply massages and rolls your
cellulite areas, and purportedly helps to break up the bands that cause the appearance of cellulite.

This really helps to deliver the ingredients transdermally (through the skin), much deeper, and allows them
to really penetrate and go to work beneath the epidermis, and helps to re-tone and tighten the collagen
beneath the epidermis which has become damaged and weakened over time, scientists so far have
hypothesized that this is the actual cause of cellulite so this is how you have to target your problem areas in
order to show a visible improvement to those areas with cellulite.

Lifestyle Tips and Changes You Can Make to Help Cure Your Cellulite

1.  Avoid beverages which are carbonated.  Although this is often regarded as a wive's tale - that carbonation
lends to the formation of cellulite, it is a good precaution not only for cellulite, but also for your diet and well
being in general.  Most drinks that contain carbonation also contain other stimulants, sugars, and synthetic
ingredients, full of toxins.  There is not any conclusive evidence that these beverages actually cause cellulite,
but there has been much conjecture that it may aggravate and lend to cellulite formation.

You don't have to completely remove them from your diet, just watch your intake. Drink plenty of pure water (I
personally prefer distilled water, which is 100% free of all impurities - more toxins and impurities which may
also hinder your progress), to help ensure the flushing away of cellulite forming toxins.  Every little bit helps,
and this is just one small tip to help you on your way lump-free thighs.

2.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but more people think it does not affect them in the "cottage cheese"
department.  This tip is to not consume foods high in fat and low in fiber on a consistent basis.  You may say
"but even thin people have cellulite", which may lead you to believe that high fat diets don't have anything to
do with it, but believe me, the bigger your fat cells are (which are fed by high fat foods), the more you will
notice cellulite developing.  Trust me, stay away from a lot of fat.

3.  Start a new habit.  Ditch the coffee habit, and replace it with green tea.  Green tea, especially the organic
variety, is one of the best sources of the essential antioxidants which, when consumed, can really help to
eliminate toxins which have been implicated in being one of the causes of cellulite. Even more importantly,
green tea is an excellent remedy for poor circulation, as it really gets the circulation revved up for the few
hours after it is consumed.

4.  This one we already kind of went over.  Be sure when using any type of topical cellulite treatment, to
vigorously massage your thighs, buttocks and abdomen (at least I know I have cellulite on my tummy), with
the cellulite treatment of your choice. This also helps to stimulate the circulation, which is cellulite's number
one enemy.  Cellulite is actually largely caused by a lack of circulation.

Think about it.  Men and women are not affected equally by this strange substance, and women are way
more likely to suffer from lack of circulation than men, not only that women have hormonal fluctuations and
more estrogen than men, another culprit.  Couch potato lifestyles often lead to more of this nasty stuff too,
so get your butt off the couch, and get that blood pumping, because exercise not only boosts circulation, it
also helps even out a woman's hormones.

So, you see, curing the appearance of cellulite CAN be done. And it can be done without spending
thousands of dollars like Hollywood actresses do to get there svelte, cellulite free bottoms and thighs.   Best
of all, it can be done in the comfort of your own home, and the level of success you achieve in eliminating
your cellulite is completely in your hands!
Revitol Transdermal Cellulite Treatment
Women, especially in Hollywood, will go to great lengths to diminish
and get rid of cellulite
, including costly procedures that only the
very wealthy can offord, such as endermologie and mesotherapy, a
controversial treatment imported from France which has no scientific
backup yet, and costs just as much as liposuction does when all
necessary treatments are performed.  See
more before and after pics
of Revitol customers (like to the right).
Just a little of this incredibly thick and
emollient, all natural cellulite fighting and
defeating cream will go very far in treating
and dramatically improving the appearance
of your cellulite. It is also very long lasting. I
did not notice that the tightening and toning
effects just disappeared after a few hours.
Instead, my skin stayed noticeably smoother
and lump-free for the entire day that I had
applied the product.

Especially after a few months of usage of
Revitol cellulite reducing product, you
should notice some impressive
improvements  in the your cellulite prone
areas with this treatment.  The orange peel
look should have diminished with proper,
continued use, and also r
emember to apply
pressure when massaging the product in
this helps deliver it deeply and also helps to
break up the bands of collagen that cause
cellulite puckering.
There are some fairly minor and easily
implemented changes you can make in
your life that will help you achieve the
cellulite-smashing plans you have for your
number one enemy.  

These  are just small adjustments in your
lifestyle that will help to address and
eventually cure the underlying causes of

These are not in any way a replacement for
use of an
external lotion or cream like
, which has undeniable effects on
cellulite and the breaking down of the
causes, but rather a free guide to help you
achieve complete elimination of this
embarrassing and annoying condition.
Poor circulation locally is also another
major contributing factor to cellulite, and is
a HUGE part of the cure.   This is exactly
why the
Revitol Cellulite Cure and
Comprehensive Solution works so well.
The natural and potent formula, which is
made by a veteran of the herbal and
botanical business, initiates a response in
the deeper tissue which in turn breaks up
the bands of collagen below the surface
which cause the puckered and strained
appearance of cellulite.