Complexion Problems
Complexion Problems from Acne to Wrinkles, and How Herbal Skin Care Products Can Help

Besides the use of what I believe are the best skin care products in the world,
herbal skin care products, there are little ways you can tweak your skin care routine, and even your daily
lifestyle, to achieve a more even, glowing and healthy complexion from as young as 18, to as old as 85 (and
up).  Below you will find some of these clear complexion tips, and they apply to anyone, of any age, who
wants to achieve that glowing look of Hollywood actresses that just screams "health" and "youth".  

Tips for a Beautiful, Glowing and Healthy Complexion, at Any Age

1.) Adding a little splash of pure lemon juice (you can even use the bottled kind, that's ready for your to just
put it in water - or a slice of squeezed fresh lemon is even better) to your water is a natural healthy
complexion booster. Lemon juice is what we call an "internal astringent", and people swear by it who drink it
in their water on a daily basis, so there must be something to this skin tip.

The second part of that would be to also make sure you drink plenty H2O throughout the day. Water is the
key to some serious complexion problems.  Some think that it is a myth that drinking water keeps your skin
hydrated, but think of a grape versus a raisin.  Enough said.

2.) A gentle toner - key word being "gentle" is desirable to use (after cleansing but you moisturize).  A toner
will help to reduce the appearance of large pores, and prevent blackheads from forming.

3.) Get a good skin supplement or daily vitamin with all the essential vitamin, minerals and nutrients that are
necessary for skin support and healthy skin. There are some
great skin supplements today that will help
eliminate complexion problems and produce noticeable improvements in your complexion with continued
and consistent use.

4.) Use a gentle exfoliant once or twice a week. Even if you are prone to breakouts, gentle exfoliation is still a
must for smooth, new skin cell turnover, and great tone and clarity. If you have any acne blemishes, just
work around them to prevent further irritation.

5.) Another great weapon against acne breakouts are
herbal acne remedies. The quality "real deal" herbal
acne supplements will not only help to eliminate acne, but also will help to heal existing blemishes, and
minimize scarring by delivering potent vitamins and herbs which soothe and heal the skin.

6.) Eat your antioxidants! Eat a diet rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This includes dark
leafy greens and brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants combat free radicals, the
primary perpetuator of healthy skin cell destruction and deterioration.

7.) Give yourself a relaxing facial massage, preferably combined with your cleansing routine (for ease of
movement).  You can take advantage of your skin cleansing time by gently massaging the facial muscles
and encouraging circulation. Increasing circulation to the skin's surface is a great way to encourage skin cell
turnover which makes your skin look much .

8.) Get plenty of "beauty sleep". Nothing can ruin your complexion like a lack of sleep.  Try a little experiment.  
Plan on about 5 hours of sleep one night, and see how your skin looks in the morning.  Chances are, your
skin will look paler than usual, will not have the tone or firmness it should have, and also will take on a puffy
look.  Same problems occur if you eat sugar or lots of carbs before bed.  

They all go right to your skin, AKA under the skin water retention. Usually
herbally based natural skin creams with concentrated vitamins are best for skin brightening, toning,
firming and tightening the skin for a healthy color and pleasant appearance.

Following these 8 simple rules to glowing facial skin will really help you conquer your complexion problems.
 Especially when combined with the right skin care products, this routine will have people noticing how
beautiful your skin is in no time!
Ever know anyone who has perfect skin tone and color, and who
never have skin blemishes, and yet What is their secret? Is
there a way to duplicate what it seems like is just plain old
genetically gifted skin, or are we doomed to relegate
ourselves to the dull, tired, blemished problem skin that we
know we have all suffered from at least once in our lives?