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Female Viagra Alternative : Natural, for Women

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  • A Natural Sexual Enhancement Alternative for Women : The "Female Viagra"

    So, we all knew it had to be a just a matter of time before women were offered the equivalent to the popular male sexual enhancement drug Viagra. Well, the natural version of it, that is. Problem is, the only medical alternative is actually a heart drug that was purportedly good for female sexual enhancement and could have possibly served as a Viagra alternative for females, but it has not been approved yet, and who knows what risks it may harbor.

    The funny thing is, sexual dysfunction may actually be more prevalent in women than it is in men. I know a lot of women who have difficulty achieving female pleasure, and it can be frustrating, just as it is for men. And yet, the focus has been on men's sexual fulfillment. Not any more, there is a good product that is all natural, the acts as a sort of "Herbal Female Viagra Alternative" for women who need a little help in their sex lives.

    It's Called Provestra, and Here's What It Does :

    Facilitates more vaginal lubrication, and faster sexual response. Increases overall libido and enjoyment of the sexual experience. Helps to reawaken sexual response and feelings with a blend of natural herbs.

    Provestra is one of the only female viagra alternatives out there right now, and it's from a high quality herbal company that makes some very well known male sex enhancement products as well, so they are well versed in herbal remedies for this type of improvement, and know their stuff when it comes to women as well, as they make other products in the female realm as well.

    Let's face it, a lot of relationships really suffer due to low libido on the part of one partner, and many times, due to the high demands and stressors that women face today, of being a breadwinner, mother, and other duties that increasingly plague women, many times she is the unwilling recipient of low libido. Sometimes sleep just sounds better to us, because the thought of sex takes too much energy, and too much time. But in fact, this can destroy relationships, and make the other person feel unwanted and undesired.

    The issue of low women's libido really does need to be addressed, because it is a growing concern, and can really impact a woman's stress levels and mood if she is not having sex on a regular basis. Women want to feel sexy, we want to feel like we want to have sex, but the pure reality of it is, women are more cognitive creatures when is comes to sex. This is where a female Viagra alternative is very much needed, for the sake of our sanity!

    Many times the things we have going on in our lives overtake us and we cannot bear to think of doing anything else but the bare minimum. This type of attitude needs to stop. We are also sexual creatures, and we need to engage in loving, passionate sex to feel our best. If anyone thinks any differently they might just be crazy! If you're suffering a low libido, or vaginal dryness take a look at Provestra, it may be just what the doctor (er, naturopath) ordered!

    At Herbal Therapeutics Effective Herbal Remedies and Natural Supplements we believe that there are natural and safe treatments for all human conditions.