Hair Loss Remedies for Women

The Provillus women's hair loss system is a natural hair loss remedy which employs a two part philosophy of
internal and external treatment for women.  The reason it’s an exciting product is that it contains minoxidil in its
topical portion, the only FDA-approved topical ingredient currently available for regrowing hair.

Provillus provides the nutrients needed for a healthy scalp to encourage regrowth where hair has been lost. It
also helps to rejuvenate damaged hair follicles and restore them to their normal state, promoting fuller and
thicker growth.

When treatment is started at the first signs of thinning, the loss can be slowed significantly or even stopped

Minoxidil, which is the
topical component of Provillus, is especially helpful when it is applied at the first signs of
hair loss. It typically takes a few months of treatment with this remedy to really see a huge difference, because it
takes time for it to truly infiltrate your follicles and go to work.

If early intervention is the key, how do women identify the first signs of thinning hair? While hair loss in men is
often preceded by the recession of the hairline, women's pattern baldness typically impacts the crown of the
head or all over thinning, so the change is not as obvious.

Some hair loss is normal - typically about 50-100 strands a day. Women should check their brush and shower
drain to get a rough baseline of their typical daily hair loss. If they begin to see larger clumps in either place, this
may be the first indication of the thinning process.

A widening of the hair's part is another noticeable sign of hair loss. Also, when the hair is pulled back, an
increase in how much scalp is showing through is a good sign that thinning has begun. A quick do-it-yourself
test is the hair pull.

Many women start to notice hair loss on the crown of their head, and some start to notice it thinning at their
temples first.  This is often noticeable in the hair pull test, and a good woman’s hair loss remedy can be
instituted before it progresses any further, making full recovery more likely.

Simply pull a small section of hair (about 100 hairs together) and count how many come out. A normal result will
be about three to four hairs.  While many doctors will tell their patients that hair thinning is just a natural part of
the aging process, and nothing to worry about, for many women, hair loss can affect their self-esteem and

Products like the
Provillus Complete women's hair loss remedy offer solutions for these women that are
proven, safe (FDA approved) and non-invasive.  Oh, and they’re also much more cost effective when compared to
a lot of other options, especially surgical intervention.

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Provillus Hair Loss Remedy for Women
While male pattern baldness is an open topic of conversation and accepted part of the
male aging process, female hair thinning remains a "dirty little secret" and many women
don't know where to turn to find
hair loss remedies specifically formulated for women.  

One out of four women will experience some sort of hair loss or thinning, particularly once
they go through menopause or when they experience other hormonal changes.

While men can shave their heads or keep hair closely cropped to downplay the effects of
balding, women do not have the same options and must rely on available remedies.  
women, hair loss is even more devastating, as women in our society are expected
(even more than men) to have full heads of hair.
Provillus offers a combined approach - treating the hair itself with a topical
and providing the nutrients needed to create a healthy
environment for growth through a capsule taken by mouth

Though certain habits can help to ensure that you won’t lose hair at a more
accelerated pace, there really is
no substitute for therapeutically treating
women’s hair loss with a great hair loss remedy
.  True female hair loss is
not the curse of years of hair styling, as many believe, so no need to throw
away the blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron.

Research has shown that increased levels of the hormone byproduct
dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can lead to hair loss in both men and women.
Provillus can help to stabilize these levels to slow or stop additional hair loss
in women who are having issues.