Permanent Hair Removal Product

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  • Remove Hair Quickly, Painlessly, Permanently

    Shaving, plucking, tweezing, waxing. It's all really an inconvenience, and a very time consuming hair removal process. However, with this natural hair remover product, after just a few weeks of use you can drastically reduce your hair removal routine by reducing the hair growth with repeated product usage. Regular drugstore depilatories just don't cut it either. Yes, we do receive compensation for referrals resulting in sales of products recommended or reviewed, but we do believe we provide a valuable service by evaluating and reviewing these products and/or testing them out.

    Most people who have used the Revitol hair removal product have reported their hair has stopped growing within 3-4 months - not to mention, you get an immediate benefit of shaving or waxing less upon beginning usage of the product, since it immediately inhibits hair growth.

    Hair No More is actually the #1 selling alternative to hair removal, and continues to get rave reviews from it's users. Not only that, it's non-irritating, as we all know is a common side effect of regular depillatories, and dermatologist recommended. Many salon owners actually use this hair removal product on their clients to prolong the effects of waxing.

    Read some of these testimonials of the Hair Removal product Customers:

    "I now am confident retailing Hair No More to my waxing clients hair growth. I now am confident retailing Hair No More to my waxing clients No More to my waxing clients because I have seen the remarkable results. This product truly is a dream No More to my waxing clients true!"
    Deb Pratt, Coralville Iowa

    "When Hair No More came on the market I had my doubts! Could this really work? Well let me tell you it works!!!!!" "I have a customer that has shaved her facial hairs for more than 20 years. When this product came in my shop, she wanted to try it. We waxed her face and chin, used Hair No More as directed. After each time we see less and less hair. Now its almost all gone!"
    Laura Koenig, Carlisle Indiana

    "I started using Hair No More this summer and I’ve found that I don’t shave my legs as often as I used to. I used to shave every second day, now I shave once a week! I think Hair No More is a great product and I would recommend it to all women!"
    Kimberley Shewchuk, Dauphin Manitoba

    I have been waxing for over 15 years and I have never worked with such an exciting product. We have seen remarkable results for all our clients using Revitol hair removal in as little as two waxing sessions." "My waxing business is increasing!"
    Suzie Cunningham, Toronto Ontario