Will an Herbal Acne Remedy Work for Me?

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  • An herbal remedy refers to medicine that has been prepared with botanicals such as roots, leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers. Yes, you will find many effective herbal acne remedies available on the market today to cure your acne.

    Herbal remedies have existed for thousands of years and there is compelling historical and scientific evidence on the efficacy of herbal remedies for curing acne and other illnesses. The Neanderthal man, who roamed the earth 200,000 years, ago was found buried with herbs. Seven of these herbs are used as ingredients in today's medicines. Some including acne remedies. The World Health Organization estimates that 59 percent of all synthetic drugs are derived from plants.

    What is acne? According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is a chronic skin disease, where pimples, blocked pores (blackheads and whiteheads), infected abscesses, and cysts or lumps, appear on the face, neck, chest and other parts of the body.

    How does acne develop? For those with normal skin the lining of the hair follicle sheds cells. These cells are then carried upwards the surface of the skin by the sebaceous fluid. Acne develops when the glands, which produce sebaceous fluids, work overtime causing blockage in the skin pores.

    How do you get acne? Most patients first experience acne when they hit their adolescence. This typically happens to the men. For the females, the hormonal imbalance usually occurs when they are pregnant or have their menstrual period. Other situations when you could develop acne: if you are always tired, lack sleep, generally stressed out, or your skin develops an allergic reaction to medication.

    Who can get acne? There is no age limit, as acne can happen to anyone aged 13 up. Even those in their mid-forties can still get acne. Although you will not die from acne, the scarring can be demoralizing, especially if the scars are permanent and deep.

    Do herbal acne remedies work?

    Yes they do and here are five reasons why you should spend time in educating yourself on the different herbal acne remedies available.

    One - natural remedies are effective, because they have been prepared with the use of herbs whose healing, purifying, cleansing, and healing properties in curing acne and other skin diseases, have long been established. Examples of the more common herbs used in curing acne and their special properties:

    Calendula is known for its' healing qualities Aloe Vera, which has astringent & antibacterial properties Rosewater, which alleviates pain and reduces inflammation Witch Hazel has antibacterial & astringent properties

    Two - you have wider range of formulations to choose from these can be ingested as a pill or tablet. Alternately, one can apply herbal remedies in patch, in cream, or lotion formulations.

    Third reason, there is one crucial difference found in today's herbal remedies. These remedies have all been prepared using the same herbal plants according to high pharmaceutical standards, but in new and precise combinations. Modern science and nature have come together to produce quality herbal products.

    Fourth reason, herbal topical treatments do not upset the compromised Ph balance of the infected skin. Nor are there other harsh side effects commonly found in synthetic formulations.

    Fifth, herbal acne remedies are relatively inexpensive and are even more effective than traditional medicine. You will get your clear skin back.

    An herbal acne remedy will provide you needed vitamins and nutrients and at an affordable price curing your skin safely.