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What's In an Herbal Pill for Breast Enlargement?

Women who see success with herbal breast enlargement pills generally experience anywhere from a
half cup size increase to 2 full cup sizes within a consistently treated time frame of 6-9 months.  Some
women may see results sooner than this, whiles still others may not see too much in the way of visible
results for a few months, due to a combination of factors, such as metabolism, body fat ratios, and other
factors that are yet undetermined (perhaps genetics, environmental, absorption of pills).  

Our recommendation for Herbal Breast Augmentation Success:

Combine this oral pill - Bust Fuel with this external breast augmentation cream
These two, working in combination will give you an excellent shot at achieving
real results.  Better yet, if you purchase the 6 month package of
Bust Fuel and a
few bottles of
Benefil, you are giving your breasts everything they need to
sufficiently "switch gears" and rev up tissue circulation and growth rates,
promoting healthy cell regeneration, lift, fullness, firmness and a bigger size
within 6-9 months.  And it's natural looking, because it's not implants, plus the
combination of the cream, massage and oral pills for herbal breast augmentation
creates an environment that has many proven success stories, rather than just
supplementation or just external stimulation alone.

Herbal Breast Enlargement, What's in These Natural Pills?

Below is a list of the typical ingredients you may find in herbal augmentation products.  This is not all
inclusive, and not necessarily indicative of what creates the most successful product, but these are some
of the herbs you may expect to find in a supplement specifically geared toward natural breast expansion.

  1. Fenugreek - This is one of the primary and most potent and active ingredients in these remedies.  
    The herb fenugreek contains strong phytoestrogenic characteristics and therefore is an important
    active ingredient in herbal pills for breast enlargement.  
Fenugreek is a small yellowish-brown stone-like seed that originates in the pod of a bean-like plant.  

Aside from usage in culinary powders associated with Indian cooking, this herb has been used for years
to help stimulate the mammary glands of mothers and in turn increase milk production for feeding
infants.  This herbal compound also has an almost ancient reputation as a natural breast augmenter, or
enlarger, due to its level of diosgenin.  Diosgenin is actually a form of natural estrogen that has been
shown to promote the growth of breast tissue cells and hence enlarge the breasts through herbal  

    2.  Fennel Seed - In addition to its benefits as a therapeutic digestive aid supplement, fennel seed
    is another plant that has garnered attention for having estrogenic qualities.  This plants seeds
    (the root of fennel is also used as an herbal remedy for various conditions) contain a natural
    component called anethole which demonstrates estrogen-like activity in both the male and female
    body and help in the regimen for augmentation of the breast through herbal means.

Blessed Thistle Herb - This herb in pill form, has also traditionally been used by nursing mothers,
often in conjunction with Fenugreek, to help stimulate milk production via mammary stimulation.  Again,
this is also traditionally used as an important ingredient in herbal supplements for breast enlargement,
especially when combined with other active herbal augmenting compounds.

Herbal Breast Enlargement Pill
Breast Augmentation, with Herbs

"You've probably seen advertisements for herbal
supplements which claim to enlarge the female breast
and substantially increase your bra size within a
matter of weeks.  While these types of exaggerated,
too good to be true claims may in fact be true for a
select and lucky hand full of women who take the
pills, it certainly is not the status quo as far as
typical and realistic results that can be attained
through herbal supplementation.  Read on about how
you can in fact enlarge your breasts with the proper
herbal pill, over time, and with consistent usage."  
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