Herbal Colon Cleanse
One of the tricks to colon cleansing in a healthful manner is to maintain the balance of your elecrolytes, which
can be depleted when you are either urinating or defecating too much.   The inability for your colon to function
often creates health problems such as abdominal pain and constipation.

Rhubarb is commonly found in many colon cleansing products and supplements.  Rhubarb root was a
traditional Chinese laxative.  The herb is made up of a laxative compound that will
stimulate bowel movements.  
Yet, it also contains tannins which are thought to reduce inflammation, thereby creating an effective yet soothing
cleansing effect.  

Cayenne Pepper is another herb that is also commonly found in herbal colon cleansing. However, it is
predominately used in the powerful herbal colon cleansing supplements and kits because it is known for killing
parasites within the colon.  Yet, it will also relieve abdominal gas.  

Although it has many other non traditional medical uses, dandelion leaves and/or roots are also used as a mild
laxative and are found in herbal colon cleansing products and/or supplements.  Not only does dandelion leaves
stimulate bowel movements, these leaves are also known to help with digestion.  

Psyllium also known as plantago ovata is another herb that causes bowel movements by triggering contractions
within the colon wall.  These seeds contain mucilage which when swollen, causes the contractions and creates
bulky stools.  

Another common, but unusual diuretic is cinnamon bark.  This herb has the ability to jump start digestion, and
maintain healthy circulation.  It is also effective at reducing inflammation.   

Though most commonly known for its ability to soften skin, aloe vera leaves are also commonly used in herbal
colon cleansing products and supplements.   These leaves are able to soothe the lining of the intestine.  Aloe
vera is credited with having the ability to
remove toxins from the intestines and stimulating bowel movements
without any harmful side effects.  

It is important to note that since herbal colon cleansing products and techniques have become big business
and new herbs are being added all the time.  However, these are among the most commonly used herbs in
almost all herbal colon cleansing.  

If you are wondering why herbal colon cleansing is so important, the best place to start is the obvious.  Warding
off constipation and the effects of an impacted colon will ensure a healthy flow within the intestines, which will
promote energy.   The natural way also supports and helps to maintain a healthy weight and clearer skin.  Not to
mention, facilitating a stronger immune system.

However, there are much more serious conditions that it may help fight against as well.  Colon cancer is the
leading type of cancer among both men and women.  Since, herbal colon cleansing systems not only stimulate
bowel movements but also rid the colon and intestines of parasites, it helps the body to naturally fight off colon

Another benefit of herbal colon cleansing is that there are little if any of the side effects that are usually found in
other colon cleansing products and treatments.  

So, you are able to take the herbal colon cleansing products without the fear of harsh side effects, because the
herbs promote natural bowel movements.  

And herbal colon cleansing also works to help your system function efficiently.  If you have been experiencing
prolonged constipation and a lack of energy, maybe it’s time you looked into
herbal colon cleansing and detox
and help your body to help itself.
See our recommendation for herbal colon cleansing below
Our recommendation for herbal colon
cleansing is actually several formulas
, the
herbal colon cleansing one called

ColoFlush and accompanying digestive aids,
which works in several ways to clear your
system of old waste buildup and then to also
restore it to a healthy "clean" state

 makes you feel lighter, more energetic,
and ready to take on the world again, not
weighed down, as we so often feel.  

Senna leaves or pods are another herb that is
commonly used in natural colon cleansing

Due to its powerful laxative properties, it should
not be used in large quantities or for long
periods of time.  
Unlike the other herbs, Echinacea is not known
for stimulating bowel movements or ridding the
colon of waste.  

Actually, Echinacea is best known for its ability
to help the immune system work more
effectively.  But, it is popular in herbal colon
cleansing systems because it can also restore
intestinal flora balance.  

Barberry root is also a popular herb used in
herbal colon cleansing products and/or
supplements.  Barberry root is often chosen
over other herbs because it has multiple

It is known for killing parasites in the
gastrointestinal tract, reducing inflammation,
and promoting regularity.  And, like Echinacea, it
also has the ability to increase the efficiency of
the immune system.  
Although it is important to make sure it is ok for you to use, ginger is
another natural ingredient found in herbal colon cleansing.

Cascara Sagrada also known as sacred bark or California buckthorn is
by far one of the
most common herbs used in natural herbal colon
products like this.  

Known for its powerful laxative effects, cascara sagrada was one of the
herbs that was used by the Native Americans.  This herbs cause
peristalsis, or contraction of the colon which in turn creates the urge for
you to have a bowel movement.  
Fortunately, there are many natural ways to cleanse your colon safely.  

These herbal preparations cleanse your colon effectively without harsh chemical
stimulants or
discomfort, and give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are using
natural cures.