Herbal Depression Supplements

Symptoms of depression can range from feeling sad and anxious to a sense of hopelessness, guilt and
worthlessness.  Your energy, appetite and sex drive may suffer, as well as your concentration and memory.  
You may become overly irritable and have trouble sleeping.  At it’s worst, depression may cause to you
contemplate hurting yourself or committing suicide.

A yellow-flowering plant native to Europe, St. John’s Wort is named for St. John the Baptist, as it blooms
around his feast day on June 24th.  It is known to have been used safely for the past 2,400 years as an
herbal supplement.  St. John’s Wort can be used in tea, as an oil, or in capsule form.

The only thing with SAM-e is that it must be taken with caution, some reported severe headaches and even
worsening depression by taking this supplement, so just use prudence with this natural medicine.  

There is also 5htp, which many have reported helps their depression and helps
lift mood.  Side effects may
include headache or upset stomach if taken on an empty stomach, so take it on a full stomach or at least
with some crackers to buffer your belly!

Kava Kava has become more popular as another
herbal supplement used in treating the symptoms of
depression.  Taken from a Greek word meaning “intoxicating”, this herb is native to the South Pacific.  In
lower doses, Kava Kava helps induce a more relaxed state of mind while heightening your senses.  In
higher doses, Kava Kava can lead to deeper relaxing states of sleep.  Kava Kava is commonly used as drink.

Some herbal supplements commonly used for a variety of other ailments are also effective in treating
depression.  In elderly patients, Gingko Biloba has been found to aid in depression by increasing circulatory
oxygenation to brain cells.  

Another herbal supplement found to be effective in older patients is Ginseng, which alleviates anxiety,
leading to a decrease in depression.  Both Gingko Biloba and Ginseng can be found in several forms, but
are commonly taken as a capsule.

No matter the cause of your depression, it is a serious matter to address and should not be taken lightly.  
Fortunately, there are a variety of herbal supplements that can make living with your depression far easier so
that you can lead a happier, healthier life!
There are many different ways to alleviate
depression, including prescription
medicine, psychiatric counseling,
occupational therapy including physical
exercise or activities designed to shift the
mind’s focus, or
herbal supplements.  
Herbal supplements have long been
recognized as a viable method for
relieving the symptoms of depression

Even hundreds and thousands of years
ago, people recognized that certain
products like MindSoothe helped to lift the
, and thus incorporated those natural
medicines into their routine.

In more modern times, thanks to
advancements in scientific experimentation,
scientists have done extensive research
into which herbal supplements can best
help to help depression.  
Another popular supplement that has
proven effective in treating depression is
called SAM-e.  SAM-e occurs naturally within
your body, mainly concentrated in your liver
and brain.  

This substance regulates serotonin and
dopamine, the two chemicals which
regulate the emotions you feel.  Although an
expensive alternative to St. John’s Wort
(around $100 per month instead of 25 cents
per day), it is a faster acting solution that
allows patients suffering from depression
to see improvements in days instead of

By comparison, St. John’s Wort often takes
up to a month to become fully effective.  
SAM-e is considered synthetic, however,
instead of herbal, as it is a copy of the
chemical your body already produces.  
Millions of Americans suffer from depression on a daily basis.  
For many, depression is experienced as a natural reaction to
significant life events – death of a loved one, loss of a job or trouble in
a relationship.  

But for others, depression is a pervasive malady that occurs even
when life is providing seemingly happy events and can be

Herbal depression supplements like the popular and very effective
MindSoothe are increasingly sought out as a means of NATURAL
relief from these types of symptoms, without putting chemical drugs
into the body
In fact, various colleges have begun educating doctors specifically to aid
their patients using natural products; those trained through this path are
recognized as naturopathic physicians.  
Natural remedies often provide
a safer alternative to synthetic medicines

One popular
herbal supplement commonly used to treat depression is
St. John’s Wort
.  Studies done on St. John’s Wort show that it can have
the same affect in treating depression as prescription medicines Paxil,
Zoloft and Prozac while inducing far fewer side effects.  

St. John’s Wort helps you to regain and maintain a healthy emotional
balance – minimizing feelings like sadness and anger while elevating
feelings of happiness and contentment.