Hair Loss a problem? The Provillus Herbal Hair Loss Remedy Will Help You Regrow Hair and Prevent Future Hair Loss

Herbal Hair Loss Remedy Provillus

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  • "There are herbal hair loss remedies that will help you to regrow shiny, healthy and strongly rooted hair, while also helping to keep the hair you have right now on your head.

    One such herbal hair loss remedy contains Minoxidil in the topical portion of the formula which is the only FDA approved hair loss ingredients thus far. Minoxidil has been proven to help men and women alike regrow hair, and when topically applied, over usually a few months, it can show noticeably thicker, stronger and more resilient hair growth.

    The other option, of course, is to try one of the most effective herbal hair loss remedies offered by a reputable herbal products manufacturer that's been around for years, and continues to make the most effective and talked about remedies on the market today.

    While there is still no magic bullet that can 100% promise every man (and woman) who takes it will re-grow their hair, this one is the closest thing to a highly effective alternative to other products on the market which may not have worked for you like Rogaine and other hair loss remedies that didn't necessarily deliver results.

    Your other options currently are Propecia, Rogaine (Monoxadil), Avacor and Proxiphen which are commonly prescribed hair loss products today, and they've all had varying degrees of success in re-growing client's hair. These products claim to regrow hair in an alotted amount of time as well as help to grow stronger hair, but they do not work for everyone. The alternative is Provillus which is a highly rated herbal hair loss remedy, for its effectiveness, reasonable cost and great success rate.

    Why Provillus Ingredients are Superior

    There are several highly potent and therapeutic vitamins in the original Provillus formula which are specially formulated both for thinning hair, and to promote the speedy growth of healthy, shiny hair. Vitamins for thinning hair and faster hair growth and re-growth are usually a varying combination of several key amino acids, biotin, vitamins B6 and E, and zinc.

    Many who take these specific vitamins in some specially combined dosages, do report thicker, more lustrous and healthy hair, but if your goal is to actually re-grow hair and not just thicken thinning hair, then you would probably want to consider a more serious hair loss supplement or treatment that specifically targets balding and hair loss.

    TIP TO HELP STIMULATE FASTER HAIR GROWTH : Massage the scalp. This is an age-old hairstylist tip to help stimulate the hair follicles, unclog any blocked oil glands in the scalp, and help promote a healthy scalp and new, healthy hair growth. Plus, it is relaxing and it feels good, so it's not such a chore!

    What's the "Norm" in Herbal Hair Loss Remedies?

    Herbal hair loss remedies can range from pricey to reasonable, tested and untested, and clinically proven vs. not clinically proven. You have to use good judgment and do a little homework on the internet, or by reading consumer reviews, testimonials and surveys to see what really should work best for your situation. Some even offer money back guarantees or some sort or money back for unused portions. The Provillus herbal hair loss remedy does offer a money back guarantee, if after the prescribed amount of time you have not experienced positive results in hair growth.

    Don't forget, some medications can also cause or aggravate hair loss. Typically these medications are blood thinners, gout medication, chemotherapy medications for cancer, too much vitamin A, birth control pills and antidepressants. Avoid 'pulling' hairstyles like high or very tight ponytails and cornrows, and remember to stay away from harsh chemical treatments such as perms and other potentially damaging hair treatments, bleaches, or chemical processes which take the hair's structural integrity away.

    Typical hair loss remedies, prescription and nonprescription, usually take about three to six months before you can REALLY tell they are working, so patience is a must. There is no overnight fix to hair loss unfortunately. Many times with the Provillus Hair Loss and Regrowth Herbal Remedy, a difference in texture, thickness and overall sheen is detectable within just a few short weeks - or even less is some cases due to its purity in standards as well as its potent ingredients.

    At Herbal Therapeutics Effective Herbal Remedies and Natural Supplements we believe that there are natural and safe treatments for all human conditions.