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Tired of so-so payouts for your hard work and traffic building efforts??

If you have an herbal or natural medicine related site, or even a wellness or health related site, and are thinking of joining
a lucrative affiliate program, these two are the best herbal medicine affiliate programs on the internet today.

"I've made $15,567 combined in less than 6 months just by promoting these few programs'
high-conversion products - and I knew
nothing about internet marketing when I started these
programs.  My commissions go up steadily every month, and the checks keep getting

Not only do these herbal affiliate programs have an impeccable record for fast payments and accurate sales tracking, they
also pay their affiliates for every resale of any product (so you get lifetime credit for people who stick with one product,
which is pretty awesome).  They payout very generous commissions for your marketing efforts, up to 50% per sale, so
you make a $100 sale, you get $50 just for that
one sale, sell a $200 package (which is not at all unusual), make $100.

Most people tend to buy these types of health, well-being, self improvement and herbal remedy products in packages
which frequently cost anywhere from $50 to $200 since they get more product for their money when they buy the larger
packages.   This equates to affiliate commissions that can add up very quickly if you really know how to get traffic!  Also, if
anyone signs up as your subaffiliate,
you get 5% of any sales they convert too!
#1 Best Herbal Medicine Affiliate Program Choice  Online Future
Reliability - High Conversion Rate - High Payouts
OnlineFuture actually pays their affiliates twice monthly, and they are dead on time with their affiliates check delivery.  Not
only that, their sites have a very high conversion rate, it's just your job to "pre-sell" the prospect a little,get maximum traffic,
and get them to the site.   Their affiliates are their top priority, since this seems to be their primary way of doing business
and distributing their product.  This is why this is my #1 recommendation for herbal medicine affiliate programs.  

Success Story:
I started marketing the herbal products for Online Future a few years ago and my commissions have been excellent and
totally reliable - Each and every month I am making more commissions since they keep coming up with very appealing,
very high converting products and highly sales-oriented sites with tons of voice testimonials and a great selling point.  As
long as you bring them the traffic, you can't help but make excellent money from this company.
Danna Schneider - Cleveland OH

Their high converting sites include a variety of herbal sexual enhancement products, breast enhancement products, diet
and fat burning products, and a continually expanding line of products for your marketing efforts.  They have many more
too - that's just a handful - you can visit the
Online Future for all their product & commissions information.
#2 Best Herbal Affiliate Program Choice
Payments are on time, every time - Excellent Conversions so your hard earned traffic you send them isn't wasted on poorly
converting products that no one wants to buy - Generous Commissions on all Products.  I can earn anywhere from $20 to
over a hundred per sale depending on what product and how large a package is purchased.
SellHealth is the second best herbal medicine affiliate program on the web.  Their sites convert well, but they are
especially known for having
high male enhancement product conversions as well as highly converting hair loss products.

Their unique and cleverly marketed products include "quit smoking" supplements, a particular very high converting and
high payout HGH supplement, breast enhancement, and diet products.  I cannot tell you how much this program has
meant for my monthly commissions, I'm continually astounded by the increasing biweekly checks I get from them, and I
love the fact that they have such a wide range of products that I can market easily and with the knowledge that my traffic is
being well converted once I send it to them which means more money in my pocket at the end of the day.  

Their sites are both attractive and well laid out for maximum conversions.  For more information on commissions, payouts
and the products you can market through them, visit their
affiliate information page and see for yourself the money making
opportunity this herbal affiliate program offers for you.
#3 Best Herbal Medicine Affiliate Program -
Click Kingdom (famous home of Zenmed high quality, appealing herbal
products, including the uber popular and lucrative Dermacleanse Acne system).

Click Kingdom is my third favorite group of products to promote.  Their clean, professional sites are excellent for
conversion rates, and they also offer a higher second tier payout than most, if you have affiliates under you, they will make
you ten percent, rather than the common five percent, so that's even more opportunity for you.  

Their product range from the super popular and very effective Derma Cleanse acne treatment system, which pays 30% a
sale, to other products like the high conversion rate Benefil, a breast enhancing cream, which pays 50% per sale.  For list
of more products that pay out 50%, see here
50% payout products Click Kingdom.  They have many other products that
payout 50% a sale, and they're all very well converting.  I wish I had more time to promote all their products, as they all
have converted very very well for me.  Plus there is a low return rate due to the professional, high end packaging and
superior product performance, which is great because you'll get few chargebacks and larger commission checks every

I've never had a problem with them paying out late, they are like clockwork.  The checks just keep increasing every month
too.  They have supplements as well as topical products to promote, which means more variety for you and a better fit for a
more diverse group of websites.  They are AWESOME as well and have greatly contributed to my monthly income through
affiliate marketing.  For more information on their affiliate program, commission percentages, and the reasons you should
probably sign up for this lucrative herbal affiliate program, visit their
Affiliate Program Information Page and get started on
the path to serious income.  

You won't find more honest, reliable and high conversion rate herbal medicine affiliate
programs online anywhere - I've had enough experience to know that these are the best
herbal affiliate programs online today, period.