Herbal Remedies for ADD and ADHD

Think of the possibilities when your child - or you yourself - is able to
fulfill their greatest potential because there
is finally an ability to sit down and focus

Here are just a hand full of testimonials on these products:

“Since Cole has started on his
Focus Formula and BrightSpark…I have seen a difference in his daily actions it
has been great. His teacher even said he is more focused on her at school and not on everyone else. He even
picked up his dirty clothes and put them away all by himself, He has never done that. Go Cole go."

—Lori H.

“I developed
BrightSpark as a homeopathic remedy to assist me in the treatment of
children in my clinical practice. This remedy has been very effective in helping impulsive,
restless children who have difficulties with concentration and appropriate classroom
behavior. Many of these children went from being the classroom clown to willingly settling
down to complete tasks, while still retaining brightness and creativity – to the great relief of
parents and teachers alike!”

— Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist

more testimonials on BrightSpark, Focus Formula and Focus ADDult

That’s the sad thing about ADD and ADHD, and it’s the very reason that herbal remedies like these formulas for
adults and children I previously mentioned have literally skyrocketed in popularity.  People cannot live up to their
full potential when they cannot focus for any period of time on a set goal, a test, an important work assignment,
or some other project which will help them be successful in life.  

Often times ADD and ADHD can be so frustrating for children and adults that it can even lead to depression and
feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.  This is why it is so important to try to treat this common issue naturally,
without drugs that can often lead to dependency and have other unwanted side effects because of their harsh

Some of the side effects of ADD drugs are pretty unsavory, and actually seem to mimic the exact thing they are
trying to defeat, which is restlessness and feelings of anxiety and hyperactivity!  

side effects of drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin, two of the most often prescribed drugs for Attention
Deficit Disorder include
restlessness, tremor, anxiety, dry mouth, headache and nausea, and loss of sex
drive or impotence in adults

Those don’t sound like much fun, in fact, they almost sound like they’re not even worth curing the problem they’re
being taken for in the first place to me.  

Some people may see an immediate improvement after using these ADD and ADHD herbal remedies that we
have discussed here. Others may notice a steady improvement over a period of 3-6 weeks. This all really
depends on your body’s own chemistry and how quickly you tend to respond to the active herbal ingredients that
are included in the remedy.

The great thing about
this group of herbal remedies for ADD and ADHD is that they strive to actually address the
underlying issues that contribute to the disorder,
rather than just suppressing the symptoms like modern
medicine so often does

They use a
holistic approach in treating the mind and body together, and with ongoing use, one should see a
steady improvement in their symptoms, due to the holistic approach of treatment.  You can also feel good about
what you are putting into you or your child’s body, and that is a peace of mind like no other.

ADD is a disorder that affects not only children, but also adults.  There are over 10
million prescriptions written for both ADD and ADHD
every year in the US alone.  The
harsh and often habit forming drugs that are prescribed leave many parents and
adults themselves suffering from ADD to seek
effective herbal remedies for ADD.  

Luckily, there are a lot of people, adults and children, who experience excellent results
by using herbal remedies as an alternative for ADD, rather than a drug.  Drugs for this
disorder have even been compared to street drugs because of certain chemical
similarities and withdrawal symptoms experienced.  

BrightSpark for children, Focus Formula and Focus ADDult for adults, are a series of
effective and extremely popular herbal remedies which increase focus, help
reduce hyperactivity, and help to really get the mind in a state that is conducive to