How Herbs May Help with IBS Symptoms

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  • Using Herbs to Help Naturally Combat IBS

    It is estimated that roughly 80% of patients who go to see a gastroenterologist, or a doctor who specilizes in disorders of the digestive and waste tracts and bowels, actually have varying degrees of the bowel disorder called IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

    An increasing number of people are seeking herbal remedies as a means of help in relieving the uncomfortable symptoms that tend to occur when one has this unpleasant disorder.

    IBS is a condition that can be treated through diet, exercise and natural remedies like this one which support healthy, natural peristaltic action of the intestines. One of the major reasons behind IBS is an irregular rhythm of this action by the intestines, which causes alternating diarrhea and constipation - a vicious and uncomfortable cycle for those with IBS.

    There aren't too many options out there to permanently treat IBS, and the medical options are still outrageously expensive, not to mention they can also be habit forming and once you come off of these drugs, you still may need further treatments.

    Irritable Bowel comes in two different forms - both opposite ends of the spectrum in regularity basically. One type is characterized by chronic and almost constant constipation, and results in a lot of bloating, gas and discomfort. It is almost worse than the second type of IBS, because it can actually build up toxins in your body and leave you constantly feeling bloated and tired. Herbal remedy for regularity .

    The second kind is, you guessed it - diarrhea predominant IBS. This is the exact opposite of the type which is marked by constant constipation in that it is actually marked by frequent bouts of diarrhea, watery stool and cramping and discomfort.

    There is yet another class of individuals with irregular bowels which tend to alternate between the two, experiencing either diarrhea and loose stool frequently, accompanied by painful bouts of constipation. The two will usually alternative back and forth and be extremely uncomfortable and unpredictable.

    IBS is not just a bowel and digestive disorder that causes a lot of discomfort and even embarrassment, it also can lead to more serious disorders such as colon polyps, which can lead to color cancer. In order to maintain a healthy colon and bowels, you need to maintain healthy regularity, which some herbs may help you to achieve.

    Some of these herbs, which I've used myself are slippery elm root, probiotic supplements, which help restore the natural flora in the intestines and help with regularity, and licorice root. Mint is also an excellent digestive system soother if you are looking for something that helps soothe the stomach. An unexpected side benefit of it is also that it helps to suppress the appetite and also freshens the breath.

    You can of course help your IBS by eating properly, drinking enough water, and making sure your diet is rich in fiber and "whole" types of foods, rather than processed foods. Foods that can aggravate IBS are cheese and dairy products, too much starch, coffee, and even sometimes nuts in some people. Take a look at some of the Digestive and IBS Aids here if you'd like to also have a remedy around when you have flareups and need a little extra help.