Hot flashes are probably the most common and well known symptom that
women experience during menopause. Seventy-five percent of the 2,500
participants in the Massachusetts Women's Health Study, for example, reported
having had hot flashes during menopause.

* Herbal menopause relief supplements. Soy combined with other n

atural herbs is used as an excellent menopausal symptom remedy.  

Black Cohosh, another main ingredient in Menocore Natural Menopause
Medicine, is also a known remedy for menopause symptoms, and is currently
under trial studies as an herbal remedy for menopause.  

If you put
many of these herbs together, what you've got is an excellent way to
combat the symptoms of menopause and restore your quality of life.

Life is too short to suffer through these inconvenient and uncomfortable
symptoms.  Luckily, we've come a long way in the field of
herbal medicines and
HRT alternatives that dangerous Hormone Replacement Therapy is no
longer necessary.  

Thanks to some serious advances in the world of natural and herbal medicines,
women now have natural and safe alternatives for menopause symptom relief
naturally,  without side effects, by simply taking a daily, pure supplement that is
100% natural and safe, with only the most positive side effects.  

Menozac actually helps to replace the hormones which are depleted during the
menopausal phase of life, and therefore relieves the symptoms quickly and
effectively, so you don't have to consider medical HRT which is both expensive
and has unpleasant side effects that can also be dangerous and life threatening
in some cases.

Most women report exceptional results on this natural supplement, and
noticeable and quantifiable relief from their menopause symptoms.  It's definitely
worth a look in to if you're experiencing these life altering symptoms, for your own
betterment and quality of life improvement.
Dong Qaui and Femalite
Menopause Symptom Relief
Supplement Testimonials:

“I have been from doctor to doctor
to try and find help... Some told me
it was all in the mind, some gave
me all sorts of pills that only
seemed to make it worse. Every
month I would change into a person
who cried, yelled and became
unreasonable no matter what you
said to me. Michele helped me with
lifestyle changes and she was the
first person to really listen. She told
me to take
Dong Quai every day
and to use the Femalite Drops
for five days before my period. The
first month I was still a little tearful,
but I did not yell once and felt much
more relaxed. The second month I
yelled but for good reason and only
cried once. The third month -
nothing! Thank you Michele for
helping me when nobody else

- Samantha, USA

“Hi there! I recently ordered and
received your offer on the Dong
Quai plus facial wash and gel. At
the beginning of December last
year I had a laser resurfacing
procedure done (I'm 50). Since
then I've battled to get my poor skin
back to any semblance of
normality. Acne and scar tissue all
over the place! Luckily, I have
access to the internet, and found
your website! After a short time
there seemed to be a significant
improvement - the first in a long
time and a lot of product. Thanks
again for helping me to face the
world. ”

- Evelyn, USA
Menopause Symptom Relief
How to naturally relieve hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings,
and other common symptoms of menopause
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Natural remedies have become the natural
menopause relief remedy of choice
for women
not to undergo HRT (Hormone Replacement
Therapy), and instead opting for an herbal and naturally
effective & safe remedy for menopause symptom relief
without synthetic hormones, which many times can have
side effects.  

Dong Quai and Femalite is rich in healthy soy and soy
isoflavones as well as several other key ingredients for
hormonal balance, mood elevation, and heart and bone

More than a million American women enter menopause
each year in the prime of their lives. And research on
preventing or curbing its symptoms is no longer
considered an oddity.  

Menopause symptom relief has become more and more
sought after now that women know and understand the
advances in the nutraceutical and herbal therapeutics