Minoxidil for Hair Loss
Not just men suffer with the issue of hair loss, as many women and children also
experience hair loss, and this is why the FDA approved Minoxidil is so popular.
There are several known causes for hair loss. Genetics, medical conditions,
medications, diet, and nutrition can all cause thinning hair and hair loss.

There are also cases of hair loss for which the causes are unknown. Minoxidil is an
FDA approved h
air loss treatment that you really should read on about if you're experiencing
loss of your hair and need to find an effective natural treatment that incorporates Minoxidil.

It may be possible to halt hair loss and even encourage hair re-growth depending
upon the underlying issue that is causing the hair loss. If your hair has become noticeably thinner, is brittle and
breaks easily while styling, or if a bald spot appears, see your doctor to rule out a medical condition as the cause.

Some people may opt for a diverse collection of baseball caps, hats, and scarves to help hide their hair loss.
Others spend millions of dollars annually on products marketed for hair loss.

Please note that most of these home remedies are suggestions only, because results will vary from person to
person, and they may not work for you.  Using your common sense in choosing which remedies to try to treat a
hair loss problem in its beginning stages at home before seeing a doctor is worth it.  You may be able to correct
the problem naturally and inexpensively without a doctors help.

An improper amount of sleep, vitamin deficiencies, dehydration, and stress can play a part in causing hair loss.
Get your rest, drink lots of water, take a multi-vitamin daily, and reduce your stress to help restore your hairs
health. Foods that are high in Biotin, like bananas and milk can help your hair to grow strong roots that are more
resistant to breakage and loss.

Gently massaging the scalp helps improve circulation, sending blood to hair roots, which helps maintain root
strength to protect against loss. Olive oil rubbed into the scalp and allowed to remain for at least 30 minutes
before gently rinsing off, can also help decrease hair loss. Consider avoiding the use of harsh shampoos and
other grooming products, which can weaken hair roots and shafts, causing them to break and fall out. There are
many specially made shampoos, lotions, and other over the counter products that you can try in treating your hair
loss and for the long-term gentle care of your hair.

Sometimes treating hair loss requires the use of medicines and medicinal-based products prescribed by your
doctor. An alternative to this are prescription-strength over the counter products for treating hair loss that are
available without having to see your doctor first for a prescription. Minoxidil for hair loss is one such medicinal
product for treating hair loss that is available over the counter without a prescription.

Minoxidil as is used in Provillus, is safe and effective for treating hair loss in men, women, and children. It is
available in a lotion or spray formula and in two solution strengths. Applied to the scalp area twice daily, Minoxidil
helps the body to regulate blood pressure which when elevated can disrupt proper blood flow to areas such as
the scalp where hair loss can result. It also nourishes the hair follicles allowing them to increase in size,
numbers, and strength. This spurs hair growth while also working to prevent hair loss once growth has occurred.

Men, women, and children that choose to use Minoxidil for hair loss will need to use it twice every day for
maximum results. Skipping a few days or taking a longer break from daily scalp applications, could result in the
loss of any of the hair gained by using Minoxidil for hair loss. For most people coping with hair loss, having to use
Minoxidil every day is a small trade-off for not having to cover up an embarrassing problem anymore. Minoxidil for
hair loss just may be the help you need. Learn more about this hair loss treatment today. .
Provillus with Minoxidil
Some of the products marketed for hair loss carry
with them unpleasant side effects and even some
serious risks for users.

Read product labels carefully when considering
using product to help with your hair loss.
Prescription medications for hair loss can also
carry risks and side effects to think about before
taking them.

Synthetic products can contain substances that are
harmful when consumed in large doses Aware of
this, most of us would agree that whenever a
natural remedy is available for treating our
ailments, it is the better choice for us.

You can find natural remedies for treating a variety
of ailments including hair loss at home, via the
internet and through other resources.
Everyone is different and so the results of how
effective Minoxidil will be in treating the hair loss will
vary from person to person.  .Men for example may
find they gain better results from using the strongest
solution, while women may find that the
lower-strength Minoxidil solution gives them the
desired results.

Age can also be a factor in how well Minoxidil can
work in helping with hair loss. It may not work quite
as well for those people over the age of 30 who
have had hair loss for more than five years.

People with heart conditions should not use
Minoxidil for hair loss without speaking with their
primary care physician first, about whether it is safe
for them to use this product.

Some users of Minoxidil for hair loss have reported
experiencing an itchy, irritated scalp after using this
product. In some women, Minoxidil may cause
unwanted hair growth on the facial area. If you
experience any of these symptoms, discontinue
using the product immediately. Consult with your
doctor if scalp irritation persists even after you have
stopped using this product.
Hair Loss in Men and Women is Devastating
Provillus with Minoxidil (works for men and women) is a two pronged
approach to attacking the loss of hair, and making it regrow, with a natural
supplement as well as a topical minoxidil solution that has given great results
as far as hair regrowth.  

You should also consult with a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms
while taking a new medication as this could signal a side effect of the
medication that warrants further investigation by your health care provider.

For many men, women, and children, coping with hair loss can be
embarrassing and children suffering from hair loss are especially vulnerable
to self-esteem issues because of it. Many people look for ways to cover up or
“cure” their hair loss to avoid t
he questioning looks of others.