Natural HRT
Helping to naturally replace hormones lost during

More than a million American women enter menopause each year in the prime of their lives. And
research on preventing or curbing its symptoms is no longer considered an oddity.  Menopause
symptom relief through
natural types of HRT like this effective one has become more and more sought
after now that women know
and understand the advances in the nutraceutical and herbal therapeutics field.

Hot flashes are the most common symptom women experience during menopause. Seventy-five percent
of the 2,500 participants in the Massachusetts Women's Health Study, for example, reported having had
hot flashes during menopause.   

Black Cohosh is sometimes part of a natural menopause and hormone balancing formula, is also a
known remedy for menopause symptoms, and is currently under
trial studies as an herbal remedy for

Customer experiences with the natural hormone replacement therapy alternative Femalite with Dong Quai:


“… When I found this product I was hopeful but unsure. In Nov. 2007 I went off birth control and decided I
needed to try and take better care of myself. In Dec and Jan I had my cycle at 29 days apart. Then Feb came
and I missed my cycle. A week later I had pain of my ovaries and went to see the doc …Physically I felt
terrible; my breasts were very sore, I was bloated and very testy with everyone.

When I received my order I took it immediately and three days later in the middle of the night I found that I
started my period. My pain … is almost gone and my husband would like to report I’m not as testy; he and I
would like to thank all at Native Remedies. Hopefully in another year we will be able to report that we are
pregnant, for now I’m just trying to get healthy.”

—Maryann, LA, USA

“I think this combination has been a life saver ...The suffering would start a week before my menstrual flow. I
have been resistant to doctor-prescribed medication. When I first received the
Dong Quai and Femalite, it
was just in time for my cycle... My husband was just as pleased as I was ...My mood has definitely improved.
I have recommended this to every woman I know who has difficulties. It is definitely worth trying”

- Malissa, KY

“I can not believe the results of this product! Within 12 hours, I felt differently! …Within 24 hours of starting
Dong Quai, I'm feeling completely normal! And my sleep has improved so much, that I'm feeling like a new
person. I feel better than I have in the last ten years. I just wish I'd started taking this product years ago.”

- Debbie, IN

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Women who used to undergo medically administered HRT
(Hormone Replacement Therapy), are instead opting for an
herbal and naturally effective & safe remedy for menopause
symptom relief without synthetic hormones, which many times
can have side effects.  

This hormone replacement therapy is naturally derived, and
is rich in healthy soy and soy isoflavones as well as
several other key ingredients for hormonal balance, mood
elevation, and heart and bone health.