Natural Pain Remedy

By the way, I just took aspirin for the first time in years a few weeks ago, and man, let me tell you, they are
pretty hard on the stomach!  Let’s just say I won’t be taking it again for many more years if I can help it.  I
can see why people are looking for
natural alternatives like these, to manage their pain effectively, and
when I really started to research it, I found that there are a lot of ingredients found in nature that act as
powerful anti inflammatory as well as nerve pain dullers that you can either incorporate into your diet
somehow, or supplement.  

There are some intriguing options today since we've come such a long way in figuring out what
compounds found in nature truly enhance the human body and add to our enjoyment of life.  

That's the good thing about evolving herbal and alternative medicine - you have choices, and you don't
always have to go get a doctor's prescription for your aches and pains, nor do you have to pump your body
full of chemicals from pain killers if you choose not to.

Of course, the problem is that not everyone’s stomach can tolerate this hot pepper component, but there
may be remedies in the works that help to coat this so it doesn’t hurt the tummy too much.

Another excellent
natural remedy for pain relief is something that is just all around fantastic for your body,
mind and longevity.  They’re called antioxidants, and many of the fruits and veggies that contain potent
antioxidants are also excellent anti inflammatory.  

An example is the blueberry and strawberry.  Studies have shown that these and other antioxidant-rich
berries have a huge impact on your body’s ability to quell inflammation naturally, which helps to reduce
pain, since most pain is caused by inflammation of some sort in your body.  

Omega 3’s are also excellent, so if you eat a lot of raw almonds, fish, olive oil, avocadoes, flax seeds (I
love to put ground flax seeds in my fruit smoothies in the morning along with blueberries and blackberries,
talk about an anti inflammatory cocktail!).  They help people with arthritis by helping reduce swelling and
inflammation in the joints.  

My father was taking Aleve every day, several times a day, for several weeks, and his doctor told him that’s
extremely dangerous to his liver and that he wished he would have consulted him before taking them so
often. He had a serious back condition, and like many other people, didn’t know that popping them every
day could potentially cause some real damage.  
OTC pain relievers are harmless,, right?  No, you can actually cause damage to
your organs, including your liver, by taking them too often.  

There are even warnings on some of them that you should not take them every
single day and should see a doctor if you have chronic pain that needs to be
managed, because of this very problem.

More and more people are looking to find an
effective natural pain remedy that
helps them manage their pain naturally, rather than rely on loading their bodies
up on drugs and chemicals that can have adverse side effects.  
Then you have the pharmaceutical grade
remedies such as Vicodin, Percocet,
Darvocet, and other narcotic pain killers,
which are dangerous to take even short
term, and are so addictive that they’ve
caused a virtual epidemic of pain killer
addiction here in the US.

Add to that, some say these painkillers
are almost chemically identical to street
drugs in some cases, and that’s a pretty
scary idea that we are taking these to
manage pain.  

You may want to look into these natural
pain remedies for headaches, muscle
and joint pain, nerve
pain, and other
similar painful conditions

You can also take a look at this natural pain
management remedy which contains
several well known ingredients that work in
tandem to naturally manage pain.  One of
the first natural chemicals that is found in
certain foods is called capsaicin.  

It is found abundantly in hot peppers and
chili peppers.  It is a powerful topical
anesthetic as well as anti inflammatory, so it
may benefit you when taken orally, but it also
benefits you when applied topically, sort of
like nature’s Ben Gay, if you will.

In fact, capsaicin is such a potent local
anesthetic and nerve pain blocker that it is
being tested in conjunction with lidocaine,
which is another local pain receptor killer, to
become the next epidural type injection that
totally blocks pain without affecting
movement or sensation in the rest of the
lower extremities when it is injected into the
base of the spine.  
Don’t get me wrong, I know certain kinds of severe short term pain will only
respond to narcotics, and it definitely has a time and a place and need to be there,
but too often these types of medications fall into addictive hands.

A natural pain remedy may not be as potent as something like this, but it’s really
not meant for severe pain anyways, it’s meant to act as a sort of substitute to the
over the counter pain relievers like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium
(Aleve’s active ingredient), and last but not least the ol’ faithful aspirin.