Natural Remedies for Herpes
While herpes is not a life-threatening disease, it is an embarrassing and painful one.  The problem is that there
is no cure for herpes, but there are
natural remedies for herpes that are available in the market.

What is herpes?  The complete name for the disease is Herpes Simplex and it is a viral disease caused by two
Herpes Simplex viruses:  HSV-1 and HSV-2.  HSV-1 is more commonly known as oral blisters, fever, sores and
herpes labialis; it is primarily a skin infection and is the most common type of herpes.  About 9 out of 10 people
have it but may not be aware that they have it.  

Herpes:  Recurrence

It is difficult to predict if someone who has had Herpes Virus 1 can get it again,
but there are certain triggers which include:
Ultraviolet light or over-exposure to the sun
Foods such as chocolate, beer, nuts, seeds
Skin irritations
Bad nutrition
There may be other factors for recurrence but those are some of the more common ones.

Millions of people have a dormant form of HSV-2, and the rate of HSV-2 infection is about 500,000 people
annually.  It has been observed that HSV-2 can occur in 6% of people in the 12-19 age bracket, and can occur in
30% of people in the 30-39 age bracket.  

A person increases his risk of catching HSV-2 when he has multiple sexual partners.  For monogamous
individuals, the risk of catching herpes 2 with a single partner is only 10%.  That increases to 40% when
someone is having sexual relations with two to ten partners and to 62% for 11 to 50 sexual partners.  In the case
of men, studies show that there is almost a zero probability of risk when they have sex with only one lifetime

Natural remedies for herpes

The Mayo Clinic says there is no cure for herpes, although certain oral and antiviral medications are prescribed
to cure the sores sooner and to help prevent a recurrence.  Some people will adapt easily to prescription
medicines, others will not.

Given the side effects of certain medication and given that people can react in many ways to prescribed
medicines, more and more people are looking for natural remedies to heal their diseases and ailments.  In the
last 20 or so years, natural remedies have become popular because they are safe to take and when taken under
the supervision of a medical professional, produce hardly any adverse side effects.  Some people who are
diagnosed with either herpes 1 or 2 would prefer to alleviate their herpes symptoms with natural products.

There are many natural remedies for herpes and if you feel that your prescription medication is giving you other
problems or is not effective against the kind of herpes you have, you only need to visit your natural supplement
store or an online natural products store to try alternative treatments.

One alternative treatment for herpes that people believe produces very good results is a homeopathic cure
which is a blend of nine natural ingredients.  

Some of Herpeset’s natural ingredients are rhus tox (reduces the itching and inflammation typical of blisters and
infected skin), apis mellifica (for the relief of burns, pain and swelling); baptista (to reduce mouth sores and
ulcers); capsicum (to ease pain) and nitricum acidum (relieves cracking and stops bleeding) and a few other
natural ingredients.

Prescription medicine and natural remedies are available for herpes treatment.  No two people with herpes will
react the same way to these medicines or natural remedies.  A good way would be to try them and speak to your

He is the one who has to know what medications you’re taking.  People who decide to go for natural remedies
are advised to speak to their doctor first to make sure the natural remedies do not interfere with their current
prescription medication.

However, nothing beats the best advice there is:  practice safe sex!
HSV-1 infection begins with clusters of red and
swollen blisters characterized by burning or
itching.   After a few days, the blisters dry up and
then the skin flakes and eventually sheds off.  

People who are infected need not worry about
scars.  The recovery process takes about 10
days to a week, which may be aided by
herpes remedies like these

Herpes:  Causes
Herpes Simplex Virus HSV-1 or simply Virus 1 is
contagious.  It is caused when an infected
person comes into contact – sexually (or any
physical contact) with another person.  

The simple act of kissing a person, sharing the
same drinking glass and utensils and even
using the towel of an infected person can cause
HSV-1. It is strongly recommended that people
not share towels or linens with someone who
has cold sores or genitalia herpes.

This type of herpes primarily involves the male
and female genitals.  People with HSV-2 may not
have any symptoms.  

Others will experience a certain sensation in the
legs such as numbness and in other lower parts
of the body such as the areas surrounding the
genitals and anus.  The genital ulcers can be
painful.  Urination can also be painful.  

natural remedy called Herpeset can help with
all these symptoms.  HSV-2 can include fever, a
general feeling of discomfort and malaise, and
headaches.  Symptoms could last for several
weeks before they heal.   
Introducing Herpeset:  the safe way to alleviate
herpes symptoms.  Want to get rid of your
herpes safely without fear of harmful side
Herpeset may be just the natural
remedy for you.

It is a liquid oral spray.  You spray it under your
tongue.  It is then quickly absorbed into the
blood stream;

This sublingual application (under the tongue) is
intended to speed up the delivery of the

It can treat multiple symptoms.  The problem
with some natural remedies is that they are
manufactured to treat only one to two symptoms,
requiring patients to buy other remedies to
complete the treatment program.  

Herpeset attacks all Herpes symptoms which
include stinging, burning, swelling, itching and