Natural Remedy for Boils

They only appear on the surface of the skin because they have been “brewing” below it and have finally reached
the surface.  Once they do breach the surface, if you relieve them (pop) before they are ready, you can cause a
huge scar to appear, so it’s best to treat it so that the head is minimal, below the surface first.  

A natural remedy for boils should contain anti inflammatory and anti bacterial agents to be effective.  Why?  
Because a boil, whether it is caused by cystic acne, an ingrown hair or some other foreign invader to the body like
a splinter, is caused by inflammation. It’s your body fighting back against some sort of infection or a foreign
invader, or perhaps even a blocked sweat gland or pore.  

Homeopathic, natural remedies for boils may be the way to go.  Ingredients such as wild indigo and echinacea
taken orally can combine to soothe boils as well as to make them heal faster and go down, aiding the body’s own
natural healing process in getting rid of the “gunk” or helping the body to safely absorb it and expel it as waste.
Of course, topical solutions can also help.  But
oral remedies for boils usually get to the root of
the problem first, making the necessary anti
inflammatory adjustments within the body to
help quell and soothe the painful eruption that’s
occurring on the outside of the body as a result
of some internal issue.  

A boil is also called an abscess.  A boil, or
abscess, is essentially a buildup of dead
bacteria and the dead white blood cells your
body sent to fight the bacteria, or what you
normally would refer to as pus. This buildup
causes a great deal of pressure, and it is often
too deep below the skin to relieve until it reaches
the surface.

The pressure of the boil causes the pain and
discomfort, and it seems that all you can think
about when you have one of these painful things
is getting rid of it!  
Sure, you could take an antibiotic such as
tetracycline for boils, since they help fight
infection, but who wants to take antibiotics when
you can go a more natural route?  

Antibiotics are ok if they are absolutely
necessary, but more and more research is
showing that long term, they may do more harm
than good.  Some research has linked long term
antibiotic use to breast cancer.  

Other research has shown that antibiotics inhibit
something called probiotics, which are
necessary “good bacteria” found in the gut and
digestive canals which helps maintain regularity
and proper digestion.  

Not to mention antibiotic resistance. The over
use of antibiotics is precisely why we find
ourselves more and more immune to them, and
why the medical industry has to keep coming up
with more and more powerful ones to combat
common illness.  
If you’ve ever experienced the eruption of a boil anywhere on your body, then you know how
so very painful this seemingly small (compared to your body size) skin oddity can be.  
When looking for a natural remedy for boils, you have a few options.

You can go with one that is used within the body, taken orally in other words, to address
the internal issues that cause boils to erupt on the surface of the skin.

You can also go with a natural topical solution.  My personal experience with my own cystic
acne, which is the same thing as a boil, tells me that
internal boil treatment options are
usually best when dealing with skin conditions like boils and acne, because they tend to
address the turmoil within the body that is causing the external skin condition.  
Remember, skin problems start below the surface.