Organic Food Demand Spurs Grocers


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  • More Grocers Jumping on the Organic Bandwagon as America Demands Healthier Foods

    Apparently America is hungry for more and more organic food offerings. Grocery stores are starting to offer organic produce and dairy now on an increasing scale. Where as before you may just see a tiny, token organic section with a few choice offerings in most large chains, you now see a coupld of aisles of organic foods and goods.

    Tops Markets, Giant Eagle, Winn Dixie, IGA, Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons, Wal-Mart and even many mom and pop grocers are now offering organic foods, produce, dairy, and pre packaged foods and goods to an increasing market of organic food lovers who are more aware of the benefits organic foods offer.

    First off, organic foods are free of pesiticides and should be Non-GMO, which means genetically modified or "perverted" from it's natural state in order that the produce or food may grow faster and larger and be harvested more quickly. Organic meats are free of hormones and antibiotics, and are grain fed rather than being fed harmful chemical and genetically altered foods so that they may grow fatter, quicker and be slaughtered for more profit.

    Organic dairy products are also free of hormones, which are contained in large quantities in dairy products, including butter, since the fatty areas of an animal, just like humans, are the areas that tend to hold the most toxic substances. Organic foods are selling in record numbers, and while the organic food market only holds about 2.5% of the food purchasing market, it is growing at a pace that organic farmers and grocers can barely keep up with.

    Grocers such as Wild Oats and Trader Joes are popping up more and more in urban and suburban areas as the demand for healthier, more toxin free foods surges, and an increasing rate of cancer, heart disease and other diseases commonly linked to environment toxins and unhealthy eating are prompting people to eat an alternative diet full of organic produce and chemical free food choices.

    There are an estimated 10,000 organic farmers currently in the US today, but with a fast growth rate of anywhere from 5% -21%, the organic food market demand is outpacing these organic farmer's production capacity and the need for more organic farming is being made increasingly apparent.

    This increasing demand is calling for the import of many organic ingredients used in organic food bars and other products such as yogurt, but organic farmers are hoping this will signal more need for their services, and increase their production capacity.

    The Agriculture Department's National Organic Program is just now starting to track the demand for organic foods and has confirmed that importing will ultimately lead to more domestic production of the needed and demanded organic foods the American public is now craving.

    You may recognize the round and green "USDA Organic" seal for certified organic products. This means the ogranic food you're buying is the real deal, and is upheld and endorsed as being authentic organic food by the USDA organic program.

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