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Hoodia Gordonii Cactus -  Where'd My Appetite Go?  
My Experience with Pure Hoodia Diet Pills
Pure Hoodia Natural Appetite Supressant Diet Pills - How Hoodia Virtually Eliminate
Appetite and Stave off Hunger Effectively for Hours - Without Stimulants

Current speculation is that the P57 molecule is the chief reason for the appetite suppression, but that this also
most likely works in unison with the it's other chemical compounds, not just one specific compound, since this
is usually the way natural herbs typically work in the human body.  

We  do receive compensation for referrals resulting in sales of products recommended or reviewed, but we do
believe we provide a valuable service by evaluating and reviewing these products and/or testing them out.

It produced almost an immediate drop in my appetite.  I found that, while I still got hungry for my meals, I would
only eat about one half to three-fourths the amount I would usually consume.  Not only that, but my meals filled
me up completely and I felt satiated, not still hungry for
"dessert" or more food.

As I previously mentioned, I do still get hungry, but even my feelings of hunger have been noticeably "dulled",
and as I mentioned before when I do eat, it's noticeably less than before.  

Now, don't get me wrong, I still believe exercise and eating the right foods is the key to healthy and long-lasting
weight loss and weight maintenance, but if you're looking for a "jump start" to your diet, or you just need to
regain some of appetite control and willpower, but you need help readjusting your body and biological hunger
signals, Hoodia pills (
pure Hoodia cactus powder, not low quality so called "hoodia" pills with fillers - it won't
work the same!) are a great way to jump start yourself into a better and healthier lifestyle.


Make absolute sure that the product you choose is a pure Hoodia pills, without fillers and other ingredients.  
Only  pure Hoodia cactus powder will actually curb your appetite.

Other "fake" Hoodia diet pills may contain caffeine and other harmful and/or unnatural ingredients that actually
may hinder your weightloss effort by increasing your appetite two-fold when the supplement is discontinued.
So, what is Hoodia exactly?  The Hoodia Gordonii cactus is
actually a cactus of the "succulent" cactus family which
originates and currently only resides inside the African
Kalahari desert.  

The San bushmen of the Kalahari desert, on of the oldest
and most primitive tribes, h
ave been eating the Hoodia
cactus for thousands of years
, to suppress appetite during
their long hunting trips.

active chemical in the Hoodia cactus that is thought to
be primarily responsible for the decrease in human appetite
is a previously undiscovered
molecule named "P57".
My Experience with Pure Hoodia (see Unique Hoodia, one of the only pure
formulas I know of

I began taking a pure Hoodia supplement about two weeks ago to help curb
my seemingly "bottomless pit" appetite and perhaps shed a few pounds for
the summer season.  I have taken two of the Hoodia pills every morning with
a full glass of water, and usually wait my typical hour before eating breakfast.

Two Hoodia pills a day is all that is required for roughly 6 hours of appetite
suppression, so I only need to worry about taking it once or twice a day,
depending on my biggest hours of "weakness".